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riding equipment

What Equipment do you need for Cycling?

Outdoor cycling is physical exercise. Bring the necessary equipment to better protect your body and increase your riding mileage. What is outdoor riding equipment? Following is a list of “Riding Gear” that you MUST bring with you to class to ride the training bikes. 1. Cycling Helmet In riding, I often hear a saying that […]

steampunk style

What is Steampunk Style?

Steampunk is one of the best fashion trends. It contains passion, a love of history and engineering, a keen eye for cleverly placed details, and a nostalgic nostalgia for a bygone era. This article will systematically tell you all about steampunk fashion style with more than 100 images. ⦁ What’s the Steampunk style made of? […]


When Were Sunglasses Invented

Speaking of sunglasses, which are not available today, they have become popular in modern times. From the earliest appearance in the form of a pilot’s flying mirror, it has become an indispensable accessory for the public to block ultraviolet rays. After several changes, it has followed the stars at the forefront of fashion, with the […]

For my thoughts are not your thoughts

How to choose the material and color of sunglasses?

We all know that sunglasses are extremely popular now, and almost everyone has several pairs. When you see other people on the street wearing sunglasses so pretty, you can’t wait to buy a few more pairs. But when you go to an optical or jewelry store, you are faced with colorful sunglasses and don’t know […]

dark sunglasses womens

Complete Knowledge About Sunglasses

Sunglasses are also called sun shades sunglasses. People often wear sunglasses in summer and plateau areas to avoid being stimulated by strong light and blocking ultraviolet rays from harming the eyes. With the improvement of living standards, people increasingly cherish their eyes. In sunlight, ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes. The content of ultraviolet […]


4 Factors to Consider When Buying Sunglasses

Choosing a fashionable and practical pair of sunglasses will shield you from the dazzling sun rays when you go out and travel and also a must-have item for fashionistas to match their great looks. But do you know what factors you should consider before choosing sunglasses? 1. Should everyone wear sunglasses? The answer is no, […]

men cycling sunglasses

Which sunglasses are best for bike riding?

Cycling Sunglasses are different from ordinary sunglasses. Never use sunglasses while riding. Cycling Sunglasses are more windproof than sunglasses. Please don’t underestimate this function, which can greatly reduce your chance of getting conjunctivitis. So generally good Cycling Sunglasses, the eyes will not feel the wind or discomfort when the riding speed is too fast. There […]

How to wear sunglasses with myopia?

How to wear sunglasses with myopia?

When summer arrives, many people will wear sunglasses, which not only bring fashion but also effectively block harmful ultraviolet rays. This is a headache for someone who wears both myopic glasses and sunglasses. How do people wear sunglasses with myopia? Here are some solutions to solve myopia sunglasses. 1. Use photochromic lenses However, the photochromic […]

Caro smile with a pair of fashion sunglasses

3 Sunglass Trends for 2022-2023 Fall and Winter

Some people say that sunglasses are exclusive to summer, but they are wrong! Sunglasses are exclusive to fashionable people! Look at the stars and fashion bloggers, which one is not covered by sunglasses all year round, and the sunglasses are almost not the same. The sun in winter is still dazzling, ultraviolet rays will still […]

cheap sunglasses forwo men

Superstar Sunglasses for Women

If you’re looking for some stylish Sunglasses, here are three sunglasses to help you stand out in bolder tortoiseshell shades. Simple and elegant, these Superstar Sunglasses for Women are a stunning addition to your collection. What women’s sunglasses are in style right now? 1. Oversized Sunglasses Oversized Sunglasses are one of the best for women […]

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