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What’s The Difference Between UV Protection And Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized light means using the principle of reflection to avoid light, and UV protection avoids UV radiation. However, ultraviolet light is a type of light. But there is a certain difference between the two. Many people think that polarized light is UV protection. This statement is wrong. But many people do not know, so what […]


What Are The Best Sunglasses for Round Faces?

Guide: Many girls who like to pursue trends like to wear sunglasses very much. So what sunglasses are suitable for round faces to look better? Next, this article will tell you about this topic. Beauty lovers should read this article carefully so that they can dress better. Do You Have A Round Shaped Face? A […]

Vintage Flat Top Square Pilot-Sunglasses

Best Sunglasses For A Big Head

Most friends with big faces and big heads do not like to wear sunglasses because they cannot find suitable sunglasses. With the advancement of science, people’s living standards have improved greatly, and they have a new understanding of sunglasses. It is no longer simply to see the fonts and block the sun, but to pay […]

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