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Are Night Driving Glasses Safe

As the world enters the era of automobiles. Car driving safety has become one of the most concerning issues for people. According to statistics, the probability of a traffic accident at night is 1.5 times greater than in the daytime, and 60% of major traffic fatalities occur at night.

When driving at night, the headlights are often turned on. When two vehicles meet, people are completely in a blind spot and cannot see the road conditions in front of them, which seriously affects driving safety. The flash surveillance shooting on the road will cause strong irritation or even damage to the human eye.

When the human eye is stimulated by the strong light of the car light. The pupil automatically shrinks from the normal 5~8 mm to 1 mm or even smaller, which reduces the amount of incoming light to more than 1/16 of the original. After meeting the car, I was too late to reply because of my pupils. The amount of incoming light plummeted, causing a phenomenon similar to night blindness. Many traffic accidents happened because of this.

Polarized Lens Rimless Day & Night Driving Glasses
Polarized Lens Rimless Day & Night Driving Glasses

What are night driving glasses?

Night driving glasses, also known as night vision goggles, are available in many optical shops or online stores. Lenses vary in color from yellow to amber. Some night driving glasses also have anti-reflective coatings.
Night driving glasses reduce glare by diffusing and filtering blue light. Blue light is the light with the shortest wavelength in the spectrum. It is more likely to cause glare when it enters the eye.
Yellow lens sunglasses night driving has been manufactured and sold for decades. Originally sold to hunters as shooting glasses. Because in overcast or cloudy conditions, they can make the bird’s contrast with the sky more vivid.

What are night driving glasses?
What are night driving glasses?

Do night driving glasses work?

The special effect of the driving mirror is to effectively exclude and filter the scattered light in the beam. The light can be put into the visual image of the eye on the light transmission axis of the right track so that the vision is clear and natural. Just like the principle of Venetian blinds, the light is adjusted into the same direction light and enters the room, which naturally makes the scene look soft and not dazzling. Has a unique function of prioritizing glare removal. It has a special effect on the driver, which can improve the vision and increase driving pleasure.

Do night driving-glasses really work
Do night driving glasses really work

The strong light of the headlights of the oncoming vehicle will cause the human eye to appear similar to night blindness and cause traffic accidents. Driving mirrors at night will block the hazard caused by strong light shining on the eyes. Reduce accident rates. It can 100% eliminate ultraviolet rays, and at the same time can eliminate glare, making driving at night safer.
Also, due to the particularity of the driver. Glasses must also be impact-resistant and unbreakable to prevent secondary damage to the eyes in the event of an accident. Therefore, fragile glass materials cannot be used in general driving mirrors. Materials such as resin, nylon, etc. should be used.

Can you wear sunglasses at night while driving?

The main reason for wearing night glasses when driving at night is to reduce glare from oncoming headlights, although they also improve depth perception and contrast.
Some driver friends think that being shaken by a strong light is nothing special, just squinting and enduring for a while, then it’s over. This is a misunderstanding of people. We know that under normal circumstances, the human eye can adapt to a certain range of light radiation due to the function of pupil adjustment.

However, the human eye has little tolerance to strong light exposure, and the exposure to a strong light is often dozens of times the tolerance of the human eye. Due to the aggregation of light by the eye, the intensity of the strong beam when it penetrates the eyeball and reaches the retina is hundreds or even thousands of times greater than when it reaches the cornea.

man driving at night with glasses
man driving at night with glasses

Researchers conducted a systematic survey of 200 drivers in Bavaria, Germany, and two-fifths of them reported that they could not sleep after being exposed to strong light, felt dizzy, dizzy, and had tinnitus. If you are engaged in motor vehicle driving for a long time, if you do not pay attention to protection, not only will your eyesight deteriorate, but you will be more prone to eye diseases such as cataracts. And light pollution interferes with the central nervous system of the brain, causing neurasthenia. Makes people dizzy and upset, insomnia, low appetite, libido, irritability, and physical weakness. At the same time, it disrupts the normal formation of human hormones and increases the risk of certain cancers.

What kind of glasses are best for night driving?

Drivers who drive at night often feel that the headlight flashes on the front of the car are particularly dazzling. The eyes will feel very uncomfortable. Most drivers want to reduce the stimulation of light and drive easily. In fact, in life, some drivers will wear glasses to alleviate this problem. So, what glasses to wear while driving at night?

  • Professional Night Driving Glasses

If you drive at night, you can wear professional anti glare sunglasses for night driving. This kind of night vision glasses can avoid the stimulation of strong light to the eyes. And because the light at night is relatively dark. Night-driving glasses also increase the contrast of things and enhance the saturation of colors so that the driver can see more clearly. The night driving glasses will use the principle of infrared rays and low light to achieve the purpose of seeing clearly.

Polarized Lens Rimless Day & Night Driving Glasses For Men
Polarized Lens Rimless Day & Night Driving Glasses For Men
  • Polarized Driving Glasses

You can also wear polarized driving glasses. Polarized driving glasses can allow light with the same polarization direction to pass through. At the same time, it can also filter out reflected light, etc. It can eliminate the interference of external glare light to avoid dazzling eyes. At night, you can choose polarized driving glasses with a yellow lens. The yellow lens has the effect of increasing the contrast. It is suitable for the case of dim light, and you can see more clearly.

Semi-Rimless Night Vision Glasses Polarized Yellow Lens
Semi-Rimless Night Vision Glasses Polarized Yellow Lens
  • Professional Fit and Tint Lenses

In the choice of night driving mirrors, you must choose professional glasses. This way the security is higher. The lens must be thicker than 0.70 mm, which has strong impact resistance. And the lens should have a good light transmittance, to ensure a clear view. In the impact of external force, it can also protect the eyes from damage. In addition, the lens also needs to have the advantage of strong abrasion resistance.

Photochromic Folding Night Vision Glasses Polarized Yellow
Photochromic Folding Night Vision Glasses Polarized Yellow
  • Frames Material

There are a few materials available, and they all have their benefits. Frames should be selected with good elasticity, strong impact resistance, and low friction coefficient. Comfortable to wear and not easy to break. Protect the eyes from breaking and hurting the eyes under the impact of the force.

Polarized Flip-Up Fitover Sunglasses Wrap-Around Frame
Polarized Flip-Up Fitover Sunglasses Wrap-Around Frame

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