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The Best Sports Running Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

With the promotion and development of running, more and more running events follow, and more people join the running team. When it comes to running equipment, the first thing that comes to your mind must be running shoes. Next is running clothing, and professional runners may buy compression pants to protect themselves. However, the importance of sports glasses has been ignored by many runners.
If we do a questionnaire for runners, ask: Do you wear glasses when you run? It is believed that the conclusion drawn must be that many people do not wear it. However, when participating in a marathon, you will still see many runners wearing glasses. A variety of styles and lens colors are colorful, cool, and handsome.
This is not to be cool, but to protect the eyes. Be aware that our eyes absorb UV rays from sunlight very easily. Exposure to direct sunlight outdoors for a long time can cause great damage to the eyes. Sports glasses can effectively block ultraviolet rays and avoid the stimulation of strong light.

best running sunglasses cheap
Best running sunglasses cheap

Do You Need Polarized Running Sunglasses?

  1. UV protection
    Ultraviolet rays are part of the radiation from the sun and are also the most lethal. We cannot observe the presence of UV rays with the naked eye. But it is with us day and night. Don’t take it lightly because the sun is not strong and the weather is not hot on cloudy days. Ultraviolet rays exist 24 hours a day.
    Our eyes very easy to absorb UV rays from sunlight.
    Long-term outdoor training or competition in direct sunlight can cause great damage to the eyes. UV damage builds up over time. Every time your eyes are exposed to sunlight, there is a cumulative effect.
    UV rays are supposed to be absorbed by the lens in the eye. If the absorption is incomplete, it will enter the retina and cause macular degeneration. At the same time, incomplete absorption will cause a cloudy lens, resulting in serious eye diseases such as cataracts. Long-term overexposure to UV rays can lead to chronic conjunctivitis, corneal damage, terbium, glaucoma, and retinal damage.
    Although some people will say that hats can block the sun. But after all, it is not close to the eyes in 360 degrees in all directions, and the effect is not as good as sunglasses. The high-tech anti-UV coating of professional sports sunglasses can filter 95% to 100% of UV rays.
  2. Anti-glare light
    In addition to ultraviolet rays, the strong light in the sun can cause severe irritation to the eyes. Studies have shown that the sunlight outside is as much as 25 times as much as indoor light. Sunglasses can weaken strong light, provide a comfortable transition to the eyes in the change of outdoor light environment, and ensure smooth running. Outdoor athletes can improve visual clarity by wearing sunglasses.
    When you enter a relatively dark environment from an environment exposed to strong light for a long time, it will cause short-term dizziness and even blindness. Especially in the process of trail running, such an instantaneous change is quite scary. If you can’t see the surrounding environment clearly and can’t judge the foothold in time, it may cause danger in sports.
    Except for sunlight and UV rays. When light passes through uneven roads, water surfaces, and other places, it will produce irregular diffuse reflection light, commonly known as “glare”. The appearance of glare will make human eyes uncomfortable, cause fatigue, and affect the clarity of vision. Strong glare can block vision, adversely affecting the quality of vision. Then it affects the fun and safety of your running.
  3. Prevent foreign objects from entering the eyes
    Wear sports glasses when running, it will be your first line of defense to protect your eyes. It can not only help you block UV rays and glare, but also prevent eye irritation caused by strong winds during fast movements. At the same time, sports glasses can also prevent sand, flying insects, and branches from causing damage to the eyes.
    Especially when running in summer. There are more flying insects in the morning and evening, and if you are not careful during the running process, they will get into your eyes. This situation will make people uncomfortable. Wearing glasses can effectively prevent foreign objects from entering the eyes. In the process of trail running, due to too much focus on road signs and road conditions, it is often difficult to notice the branches on both sides of the road, etc. These tend to scratch the eyes. The lenses of sports glasses have super impact resistance and can ensure that the lenses will not be broken and cause secondary damage to the eyes in the event of accidental injury.
  4. Guarantee good dynamic vision
    During running, the dynamic vision of the human eye to observe various conditions on the road and its surroundings is much lower than that at rest. As you run faster, your eyes work harder. When the eyes work intensively, our vision loss will be relatively obvious. The range that the eye can see is also getting narrower and narrower. Also, your visible vision and field of view worsen with increasing speed. If the eye and vision protection is not good, it is difficult to cope with various situations, and accidents are inevitable.
    In the day or night, in different weather conditions, and in different environments, the degree of light and shade of the light changes constantly during the running process, which affects our vision all the time. You can cope with different weather conditions by wearing spectacle lenses with different lens color types. Alternatively, you can opt for photochromic lenses. The eye light can be adjusted according to the environment at any time. Improve eye comfort, maintain high visual sensitivity, and ensure clear vision. It is convenient and saves the trouble of changing lenses.
  5. Prevent glasses from falling
    I believe that many myopic friends have experienced the painful experience of myopic glasses jumping up and down the bridge of your nose when going for a run. After a marathon, the most likely hand movement is not wiping sweat, but “holding glasses”.
    How to solve the problem of glasses shaking, many people may have tried: wearing non-slip sleeves, glasses straps, or headscarf fixation. But these can only alleviate the problem temporarily, and can not fundamentally solve the problem. Besides, it affects appearance and comfort.
    Sports sunglasses also have some other professional sports performances. It may not be necessary for ordinary amateur runners, such as wind resistance, antifogging, discoloration, and coating on lenses.

How to Choose the Best Running Sunglasses?

  1. Lens color
    It is recommended that the color of the sunglasses should not be too dark or use more advanced photochromic lenses, which can adjust the color of the lenses according to changes in the environment.
    Black/Blue/Grey/Green/Brown is suitable for clear, high sun conditions and is most comfortable for eyes in harsh light.
    Yellow, gold, and amber are suitable for low-light situations, they filter blue light and make it easy to see protrusions and borders on the ground.
    Polarized/photochromic lenses are great for very bright situations. Because they weaken the harsh sunlight reflecting off the road. However, their base color is darker than normal lenses. So they can get too dark to use as the day ends, as the shadows get longer.
    Mirror Lenses Reduce glare by reflecting sunlight toward the ground, increasing the effectiveness of chromatic lenses.
    Clear lenses are used in dark or windy conditions when you want to prevent your eyes from tearing while running.
  2. UV protection
    You should buy sunglasses that offer UV protection. Excessive exposure to UV light in a short time can cause photokeratitis, which is a sunburn of the eye. Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause permanent damage, so make sure your sunglasses provide full protection.
  3. Ventilation
    In wet and rainy situations or when you might be sweaty. You want to choose frames that provide good ventilation to avoid foggy and blurred vision. Choose a lens collection that is farther away from the face, where air can circulate freely, and may wish to consider an anti-fog coating.
  4. Material
    In the selection of frame materials, try to choose materials that are easy to twist, so that the frame will not be broken and damaged when the bag is shaken and squeezed.
  5. Fit
    Consider the comfortable fit of wearing sunglasses. You’ll want to choose one that’s lightweight, perhaps with a rubberized nose piece and adjustable ear positions to keep the glasses in place while running.

What Are the Best Running Sunglasses?

For runners, a good pair of sports glasses is enough to deal with the light in all kinds of environments. It can not only eliminate ultraviolet rays, anti-glare, block glare while highlighting the outline of objects, but also prevent sweat, dust, and other particles from entering the eyes.
For those who want a fashionable set of running sunglasses that are offered at a super budget-friendly price point, check out the HD Polarized Sports Sunglasses.

HD Polarized Sports Sunglasses Wrap Acetate Frame
HD Polarized Sports Sunglasses Wrap Acetate Frame

They are a high-quality set of unisex glasses. Offers UV400 protection, ideal for blocking UV rays and light from oncoming surrounding signs. It can cut the strain on the eyes and optimize the field of view. The excellent vent design and the anti-slip and breathable design of the nose pad can ensure that the frame does not loosen even when you are running fast and sweating a lot. That will avoid the embarrassment of holding the glasses frequently. Unwarranted distractions allow you to devote yourself to the running race.
Stylish and lightweight
Super affordable running sunglasses
No side protection

Buying a satisfactory pair of running sunglasses can be tiring and time-consuming. Unlike everyday sunglasses, running sunglasses need to fit snugly on your head without moving or bouncing with your every step. The Padded Half-Frame Cycling Sunglasses Wrap Frame Polarized Lens is a pair of fashionable sports glasses for men.

Padded Half-Frame Running Sunglasses Wrap Frame Polarized Lens
Padded Half-Frame Running Sunglasses Wrap Frame Polarized Lens

The sports-oriented large-camber frame covers the face more firmly. The nose pads are designed to fit firmly without shaking. During running, sweat profusely, and it will not slip off after a large swing.
Sporty and high-performing at a fair price
Works well as an investment in one pair of sunglasses for multiple sports
Not suitable for people who require prescription glasses

Looking to add a splash of creativity to your run? For a pair of inexpensive, indestructible glasses that you don’t have to be too precious with, nab a pair of wrap around running sunglasses . They’re made from lightweight rubberized plastic and feature embedded rubber nose pads so they won’t slip even on your sweatiest runs. Additionally, The polarized lenses themselves are just as protective, with UV400 protection. If you don’t take your runs or your sunglasses style too seriously, these are the pair for you.

Semi-Rimless Cycling Polarised Sunglasses Wrap-Around Frame
Semi-Rimless Cycling Polarised Sunglasses Wrap-Around Frame

The frame feels solid and high quality
Slipping during sweaty runs is minimal
Only available in one frame color

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