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Vintage Flat Top Square Pilot-Sunglasses

Best Sunglasses For A Big Head

Most friends with big faces and big heads do not like to wear sunglasses because they cannot find suitable sunglasses. With the advancement of science, people’s living standards have improved greatly, and they have a new understanding of sunglasses. It is no longer simply to see the fonts and block the sun, but to pay more attention to how to better match and modify the face.

Different face shapes need to choose different sunglasses, so what sunglasses are suitable for big faces? A detailed summary of how to choose sunglasses for different big faces.

What to Look for in Sunglasses For Big Heads?

  1. Frame Size
    For people with big faces, the first factor to consider when choosing a frame is the width of the mirror. If the frame is too small, the vision will appear uncoordinated, and it will also cause discomfort due to the compression of the temples. Although the frame is too large, it is in line with the current trend, but the glasses are easy to slide down, and they are not suitable for myopia. They are heavier and more unsuitable for people with high degrees.
    A mirror of the right size will balance the lines on your face, your face will not look as big, and it will be more comfortable to wear.
    Therefore, choosing a frame with a suitable width will bring out a harmonious proportion on the face, and it will not cause discomfort due to the compression of the temples when wearing it.
  2. Frame Type
    The mirror frame has a variety of shapes, and different shapes can create different personalities and temperaments.
    Round frame: adding a circle to a circle can create the image of a good gentleman and make people feel approachable.
    Rectangular frame: The rectangular frame has a certain balancing effect on the round face. It is quite satisfactory and stable, and it is the basic choice that will not fail.
    Other shapes: Frames with rising lines give people a sense of shrewdness and a sense of professionalism, with unique insights and precise vision.
    In addition to the special triangle frame, people with big faces are not limited to which shape of glasses but must depend on the face shape.
  3. Whether there is a border
    The presence or absence of a border is another factor to consider when selecting a frame. There are full-frame, half-frame, and rimless glasses available on the market.
    Full-frame glasses have a high sense of presence and durability and are the basic choice. The half-frame shape, which is not exaggerated in culture, is a good choice for many business people. Rimless glasses are a good choice for people who like a gentle image and pay attention to comfort. However, rimless glasses make people feel temperamental. They do not have much effect on face modification.
    The feeling of the three frames is not the same. There are not many restrictions on the choice of the big-faced wearer, but it is not easy for the big-faced wearer to try exaggerated styles.
  4. The Thickness of the Frame
    Many people say that people with large or round faces are not suitable for wearing glasses with frames, but this is not true. Thin borders are suitable for a soft, attentive, and refined feel, but have limited effect on face shape. Frames with moderate thickness make people feel calmer, but they have no features. Low-key people can choose this type. A thick frame can balance the face shape and make people ignore the existence of a big round face.
  5. Lens Width
    The width of the lens determines the size of the sunglasses frame. Larger sunglasses can have 50 mm or larger lens widths, depending on their frame shape. A round frame won’t be as wide as a square frame, but it’s just a style. To avoid that awkward undersized look, proper lens width ensures better aesthetics and enough lens coverage for your eyes. Frames that are too narrow look silly and make your head look bigger. They also allow more “light leakage” from the sides, causing sunlight to reflect into your eyes.
    The best sunglasses for big heads have wider lenses that reach the outer edges of your face, past your eyes, to provide enough lens coverage for the sun’s rays.
  6. Bridge width
    The best sunglasses for wide nose bridges allow the frame to sit properly on the nose without squeezing or sitting on the face. Instead, the frame will rest securely without slipping. Because your sunglasses rest on the maxillary and nasal bones around your nose, these features determine your ideal nose bridge size. A difference of a few millimeters isn’t a big deal, but avoid a nose bridge that’s too narrow or too wide, so the frame fits properly against your face.
  7. Temple length
    Temple length is always the last set of numbers in the size series. Please note that some brands will not label their frames with this size. Because sunglasses are more of a “one-size-fits-all” frame, manufacturers tend to use a standard temple length of about 140 mm and ignore this. Adult temple lengths vary between 130 and 140, but any length beyond that is considered a large size. For large heads, you will need a temple length of at least 145 mm or more. If you can find sunglasses with 155 mm temples, these are larger in the temple length range. Temples that are too short will eventually “perch” above your ears and draw the frame closer to your face. This often causes the frame to lean forward over your head, which is uncomfortable and lets in more sunlight from above. For best results, compare your existing temple lengths to any anticipated new sunglasses.
  8. Material and Colour
    The black frame is a must-have item, and it is also a very easy-to-use versatile model. But in recent years, both metal and plastic frames have begun to play the game of color. Like other fashion accessories, glasses can be used with different colors of clothing or clothing, and colorful glasses have begun to come out.
    Wearing bright-colored glasses skillfully can successfully guide the visual focus to the eyewear item, which is a good way to hide your clumsiness. People with big faces don’t hesitate to wear all kinds of colorful glasses!

What sunglasses are suitable for big heads?

Sunglasses are a particularly popular item in summer. But we wear sunglasses not only for fashion but also to block the strong sunlight. However, there are many styles of sunglasses, and some styles are only suitable for small faces. So, what kind of sunglasses look good on a big face?

  1. Large Square Frame Sunglasses
    Girls with big faces are generally more distressed because whether it is hairstyles, earrings, and the choice of sunglasses, they all need to pay great attention, unlike delicate faces that can control everything. But the face cannot be changed when we are a freshman, we can only make use of our strengths and circumvent our weaknesses. A girl with a big face must choose a large frame when wearing sunglasses, so as not to highlight her big face. These large square framed sunglasses have a very fashionable style. Girls with big faces can perfectly modify your face shape and look smaller.
  2. Diamond-shaped Large Frame Sunglasses
    Some sunglasses have small frames, which are cute and age-reducing, but these sunglasses are not suitable for girls with big faces. Wearing it not only fails to modify the face shape but visually highlights the size of the face. Therefore, only large-frame sunglasses have the effect of modifying the face. These diamond-shaped large-frame sunglasses have a strong sense of contour. They are full of fashion sense and are very suitable for girls with big faces. Visually, the face shape is more delicate.
  3. Black Oversized Sunglasses
    These black oversized sunglasses are a traditional style of sunglasses. They are classic and timeless. They are full of high-end fashion, and they are particularly aura when they are worn. Especially for girls with square faces, they are cool. Girls with big faces don’t have to worry about making mistakes when wearing these sunglasses. Not only can they visually make their faces smaller, but they can also enhance your temperament and aura, making you look more stylish.
  4. Large Round Sunglasses
    Many girls like to wear small round sunglasses, they look energetic and cute. But this kind of sunglasses is not suitable for girls with big faces, it will make the face more prominent. Girls with big faces can choose this kind of large round sunglasses, which are also very age-reducing and cute to wear. They will not show a big face, but they can modify your face shape.
  5. Gradient Square Sunglasses
    Square sunglasses are a very popular style of sunglasses in recent years. They are many fashionable women who love to wear them. These gradient square sunglasses are a frameless design, which is more characteristic. Gradient colors look particularly novel and are one of the trending elements this year. These sunglasses are very suitable for wearing face shapes, especially suitable for girls with big faces. Not only can you make your face smaller visually, but it can also improve your fashion index.

Three best sunglasses for big heads

Vintage Oval Sunglasses Metal & Acetate Frame Thick Temples
Vintage Oval Sunglasses Metal & Acetate Frame Thick Temples

These enlarged and widened glasses are more suitable for people with big faces and heads. The style is attractive and Low-key, not exaggerated. They also come in a variety of classic colors including gold, black, yellow, and red.

Vintage Square Oversized Pilot Sunglasse
Vintage Square Oversized Pilot Sunglasses

These classic-style pilot sunglasses make you stand out with bold and functional features in any situation. It for big heads is ideal for men and women. Anyone can wear them. It’s high-quality and protects from harmful UV rays.

Geometric Hexagon Pilot Sunglasses Polarized Lens
Geometric Hexagon Pilot Sunglasses Polarized Lens

You can never go wrong with these Geometric Hexagon Pilot Sunglasses, regardless of age. These sunglasses are flexible, impact-resistant and wear-resistant, light and non-feeling, and fit comfortably without clipping the ears. These stylish and versatile large face glasses are suitable for all face shapes. Light, comfortable, and no burden, wear it all day without feeling tired, don’t miss it for big-faced stars.

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