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Different Types Of Sunglasses

Different Types of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only a classic fashion accessory; they also protect the eyes from UV rays and dust, making driving, walking, and exercising safer by reducing glare. A pair of sunglasses that matches your outfit, face shape, and temperament can create an impressive appearance. Not just in the car, on the beach, on the way to a dinner party, or just shopping, a stylish pair of sunglasses will make one even more glamorous and star-like. Different types of sunglasses.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of sunglasses.

1. Pilot Sunglasses

Aviators invented pilot sunglasses in the 1930s to protect their eyes during flight. The lenses are wider on the outside, tapering toward the nose, teardrop-shaped, and usually have a metal frame.

Sport-Edition Polarized Pilot Sunglasses Metal Frame
Pilot sunglasses

2. Retro Sunglasses

The frames of these retro sunglasses are thicker, usually plastic, and have a square shape, but the bottom is curved, forming an upside-down trapezoid. Retro sunglasses bring mid-century cool to any look.

Retro Square Fashion Sunglasses Black Frame Gray Lens
Retro sunglasses

3. Butterfly Sunglasses

Butterfly sunglasses are perfect for being vibrant and stealing the show anywhere. The main feature is that the inner edge is narrow, and the outer edge is wide, shaped like a butterfly. They are mostly oversized shades and have frames or colors that stand out. Some butterfly glasses have an indent in the center of the outer edge to create the appearance of a butterfly’s upper and lower wings.

Butterfly sunglasses for women
Butterfly sunglasses

4. Cat Eye Sunglasses

For women, cat-eye sunglasses can make them look sexy. Cat-eye frames feature an upward sweep at the outer edge where the temples join the front of the frame. Beautifully designed cat-eye frames with a retro look make women look sexy, smart, and mysterious. However, it is not just for women; there are plenty of cat-eye sunglasses for men that can make a great collection of men’s accessories.

Floral Embellished Cat-Eye Sunglasses Oversize Frame
Cat-eye sunglasses

5. Eyebrow Sunglasses

The eyebrow frame sunglasses are characterized by a metal frame wrapped with a rubber strip on the upper edge.

6. Flip-Up Sunglasses

The top of the lens of flip-up sunglasses is attached to the frame, and the rest is detachable so that the lens can be flipped up.

Steampunk Round-Metal Flip-Up Sunglasses
Steampunk flip-up sunglasses

7. Folding Sunglasses

Polarized Folding Pilot Sunglasses Metal Frame
Folding sunglasses

8. Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses consist of a continuous lens that covers the bridge of the nose.

Metallic Shield Oversized Sunglasses Split Arms
Shield sunglasses
  1. Mask-shape Sunglasses

Mask-shape sunglasses fit snugly against the contours of the face, preventing sunlight from penetrating the edges. They reduce glare and bright spots that blur the vision when outdoors.

  1. Side Shield sunglasses

There are covers on both sides of the lenses, such as safety shields, which can be of different shapes and materials. The side shields are designed to reduce debris or harmful UV rays entering the eyes through the gaps in the glasses. If you like fashion accessories, leather side shields sunglasses would be a good choice.

Steampunk Side-Shields Inventor Sunglasses Gold Round Metal Frame
Side shield sunglasses

11. Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses feature interchangeable lenses to keep the eyes sharpest in any light conditions. They have become popular with celebrities in recent years.

Professional Cycling Polarized Sunglasses Semi-Rimless Wrap Frame Gray Lens
Sports Sunglasses

12. Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Love heart-shaped sunglasses are unique and stylish. They come in various colors, sizes, and frame materials.

Vintage Lolita Heart-Shaped Sunglasses Colorful Frame Gray Lens
Heart-shaped sunglasses

13. Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses can be made of metal or plastic, with thick or thin frames.

Goth Steampunk Lennon Sunglasses Small Metal Round Frame
Metal round sunglasses
  1. Oval Sunglasses
Metal oval sunglasses

15. Rectangular Sunglasses

Mirrored Rectangular Rimless Sunglasses Metal Temples Polarized Lens
Rectangular sunglasses

16. Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses come in a variety of sizes and styles. The square silhouette is balanced by softer facial features that accentuate the delicate chin for round and oval faces.

Skull-Stud Acetate Square Sunglasses Polished Black Frame
Square sunglasses
  1. Hexagonal Sunglasses

Hexagonal sunglasses combine round and square frame shapes for a stylish choice.

Small Criss-Cross Hexagonal Geometric Shaped Sunglasses
Hexagonal sunglasses
  1. Octagonal Sunglasses

Octagonal sunglasses combine square and round frames with a retro touch, offering a glamorous ’70s aesthetic. They are designed to enhance the contours of the face and give it a more three-dimensional appearance.

Vintage Octagon Geometric Sunglasses Gold-Tone Metal Frame
Octagonal sunglasses

19. Rimless Sunglasses

Rimless Wooden Sunglasses Gold-Tone Metal Hinges
Rimless sunglasses
  1. Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are another popular modern style. They are usually square or oval and have thick frames. Some frames are multicolored or have special details, creating a unique retro and modern look.

  1. Mini Sunglasses

There is a range of different types of sunglasses at Welcome to choose one pair for your active lifestyle.

Small Square Wire Sunglasses Metal Frame
Mini square sunglasses

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