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3 Sunglass Trends for 2022-2023 Fall and Winter

Some people say that sunglasses are exclusive to summer, but they are wrong! Sunglasses are exclusive to fashionable people!

Look at the stars and fashion bloggers, which one is not covered by sunglasses all year round, and the sunglasses are almost not the same. The sun in winter is still dazzling, ultraviolet rays will still hurt your eyes, and a pair of fashionable sunglasses can break the laziness and silence in winter.

So, which sunglasses are suitable for winter wear?

  1. Reflective sunglasses

Reflective sunglasses are lenses coated with a fragile layer of reflective paint, which can enhance the sunglass’s ability to resist light from above while allowing more light to enter from below and horizontally. The most significant advantage of reflective sunglasses is that even if you don’t have a tall and slender figure like a supermodel, you can stand out from the crowd with eye-catching accessories! Choosing reflective sunglasses not only successfully attracts the eye, but the oversize lenses also allow you to get a slight V to face quickly!

2. Round sunglasses


If you love retro style, how can you not have a pair of round sunglasses? No matter how chic the windbreaker is, as long as you wear round sunglasses, you will instantly become a retro girl! And round sunglasses are suitable for most people’s face shapes. You can use round sunglasses to dress cute, retro, or literary, to make you feel more styled.

3. Cat eye sunglasses


Cat-eye sunglasses are becoming more and more popular because they are suitable for people of all face shapes. Because the corners of the frame are raised upwards, there is also a visual sense of lifting the face up! Especially for girls with round faces, cat-eye sunglasses can perfectly enhance the facial lines, neutralize the cuteness of round faces, and make girls with round faces look sharp and angular.

Here are some recommended sunglasses for you to choose from!

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