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How To Choose The Best Sunglasses?

In this era of flying personality, sunglasses have become a necessary basis for measuring whether a person is fashionable or not. With different types of sunglasses out there, how to choose a pair of sunglasses that “match” you?

How to choose sunglasses for your face shape and hairstyle?

Round face: People with round faces are not suitable for wearing round or angled sunglasses. The round frame will emphasize the face’s plumpness and lack the contrast’s beauty. Therefore, you should pick a face shape smaller than your own. Butterfly-shaped frames that are slightly wider and frame upwards make a face look angular. Avoid round, light, or childish frames.

Heart-shaped face: This type usually has a sharp chin and a broad forehead. Sunglasses that are too large or too thick will make the facial contour wider, and the jawline will appear more pointed and small, so it should be avoided. Wear frames with upturned sides, as this will accentuate the sharp chin. Lightweight, polygonal sunglasses should be worn for heart-shaped faces, with frames no wider than the temples to match the contours of the face.

Square face: Square face gives people a tough feeling, and square-shaped sunglasses should be avoided. Sunglasses with a large round frame can outline appear more supple. A square face should wear a circle with four corners forming soft curve-shaped sunglasses; the frame should be thick and wide, which can express the bold lines, narrow and delicate sunglasses, when matched with a square face, it will appear particularly small and unsuitable.

Oval face: The oval face is suitable for wearing sunglasses with a wide frame, which makes a face look wider and reduces the length of the face. The thin metal frame or frameless sunglasses are not suitable for wearing.

Diamond face: It is best to choose sunglasses with lighter lens color, thinner metal frame, or frameless, which can reduce the weight of the upper part of the face so as not to make the already wide upper part of the face more expanded.

How to choose sunglasses that fit your skin?

People with fair skin have a wide range of choices; basically, dark and light-colored sunglasses can produce a good effect.

People with darker skin should choose dark sunglasses, such as black and gray, to make the skin appear brighter.

How to choose sunglasses that fit your nose?

Larger nose: choose a larger frame to balance; a small frame will make the nose more prominent.

Long nose: A-frame with a wide edge can distract attention forward or upward without paying attention to the nose, making the length less obvious. In addition, a double-bridge frame will also make the nose appear shorter.

Smaller nose: For a nose smaller than the rest of the face, light colors and a higher bridge can make the nose look longer.

How to pick sunglasses that fit your eyes?

Different positions of the eye in the lens can give different impressions.

Generally speaking, if the eye position is on the upper side, it looks condescending and listless; if it is on the lower side, it feels funny. Divide the glasses horizontally, and the eyes are slightly above the “dividing line.” The adjustment of the eye position is through the nose pads and temples of the glasses.

How to choose sunglasses that fit your eyebrows?

The influence of eyebrows on the face image is very important. Ideally, the eyebrows are in line with the upper end of the sunglasses frame and slightly higher than the frame.

Upturned eyebrows, the ends of the eyebrows cannot be aligned with the frame of the sunglasses, but the brows must be in line with the frame. Do not choose sunglasses with an upturned frame; otherwise, it will inevitably produce a funny feeling of “upturned.” Pick sunglasses with a straight frame. In short, there should be no “blanks” between the eyebrows and the glasses’ frame, which are irrelevant to each other; otherwise, it will feel extremely unnatural.

People with thick eyebrows should pick a thin frame or frameless sunglasses; otherwise, it will weaken the impression of the eyebrows. On the contrary, thick frame sunglasses suit people with thin eyebrows.

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