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How to choose the material and color of sunglasses?

We all know that sunglasses are extremely popular now, and almost everyone has several pairs. When you see other people on the street wearing sunglasses so pretty, you can’t wait to buy a few more pairs. But when you go to an optical or jewelry store, you are faced with colorful sunglasses and don’t know how to choose them for a while.

What considerations should be taken into account when selecting a pair of sunglasses?


The choice of material and color of sunglasses is crucial. Only when the frame and lens material are selected, and the color is suitable for you, will it be more comfortable to wear.

How to choose the material and color of the sunglasses?

1. Sunglasses materials

In addition to the brand factor, the lens’s material also determines the sunglasses’ price difference. Lens material affects optical clarity, weight, and durability, and common materials include:

Polycarbonate material: uv protection sunglasses. The polycarbonate lens itself can block 100% of UV rays, with good impact resistance and transparency, second only to polyurethane. Inexpensive and light, but not anti-friction, the film is also required.

Polyurethane material: excellent impact resistance and optical clarity. Good elasticity and lightweight, but more expensive.

2. Sunglass frame materials

Common materials for frames are as follows:

Metal frames: Includes stainless steel, aluminum, and ultra-precious titanium alloys. The frame is light but not suitable for high-intensity sports. In the hot summer, the metal frame of the sunglasses in the car will become very hot and cannot be worn immediately.
Nylon frames: Inexpensive, lightweight, and more durable than metal frames. Many goggles and sports sunglasses are made of nylon. The curvature of nylon frames generally cannot be adjusted unless a wire core is inside the frame.

Acetate frames: Acetate Sunglasses Expensive, lightweight, color-changing, poor stretch, not suitable for sportswear.

Men’s Square Acetate Sunglasses Double-Bridge
Men’s Square Acetate Sunglasses Double-Bridge

3. Sunglasses Color

In addition to the color system, the specific choice of sunglasses color is also different in light and shade. According to the transmittance of visible light, the lens can be divided into 0-4 grades, from shallow to deep. Different shades correspond to different weather and location conditions:

Level 0 is suitable for indoor and cloudy wear;
Levels 1 to 2 correspond to low-to-medium-brightness sunlight, and some decorative fashion sunglasses belong to this category;
Most of the sunglasses are class 3, which are suitable for dealing with strong light on the seaside, mountain climbing, etc.;
Level 4 is for extremely strong sunlight in environments such as snowy mountains and deserts. Dark lens sunglasses lens is very dark, so it cannot be worn when driving or riding a bicycle.

The above is the introduction to the selection of sunglasses material and color.

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