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How TO Choose Women's Sunglasses

How To Choose Women’s Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are not only a tool for women to block the UV rays, but also a must-have for their fashion taste. There are many choices of sunglasses; how to choose women’s sunglasses?

Tips for Sunglasses Lenses

Floral Embellished Cat-Eye Sunglasses Clear Oversize Frame Blue Pink Lens
Floral Embellished Cat-Eye Sunglasses Oversize Frame

Lenses are the soul of sunglasses. There are five common types of sunglasses lenses, as follows:

1. Anti-reflective protective lenses: The lenses feature a layer of magnesium chloride, which resists strong light reflection and makes things clearer. When purchasing the sunglasses, you can aim them at the light source, such as purple and green, indicating that the lens is anti-reflective.

2. Colored lenses: Colored lenses are commonly used lenses in sunglasses. In the production of lenses, some chemicals are added to make the lenses appear in different colors.

3. Tinted lenses: The effect is the same as that of colored lenses, but the coloring is different from that of colored lenses. Rather than adding chemicals to its manufacture, it paints the surface of the lens.

4. Polarized lens: The polarized lens features a special vertical coating to neutralize the reflection of sunlight. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are best for outdoor sports.

5. Photochromic lenses: also called photosensitive lenses. Silver halide is added to the lens. When this type of lens encounters intense light, it will become a tinted lens suitable for indoor and outdoor.

Tips For Choosing Sunglasses Frames

Vintage Steampunk Oval Sunglasses Dual Metal Temples Gold-Tone Frame Gradient Brown
Vintage Steampunk Oval Sunglasses Dual Temples Gold-Tone Frame

Choose the frame of sunglasses based on the face shape. Wide face shapes should choose oversized frames. Thinner frames are best for narrow face shapes. Round face shapes should choose thicker frame lines.

Tips for Choosing Sunglasses Colors

If you have darker skin, it is better to choose brighter sunglasses. White skin can be any color. Among the sunglasses, light gray, brown, and light smoke are the best. Followed by dark brown and black, red is only suitable for use in snow and sunbathing.

Have you learned it? Pick a pair of beautiful and eye-protecting women’s sunglasses this summer.

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