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How to wear sunglasses with myopia?

How to wear sunglasses with myopia?

When summer arrives, many people will wear sunglasses, which not only bring fashion but also effectively block harmful ultraviolet rays. This is a headache for someone who wears both myopic glasses and sunglasses. How do people wear sunglasses with myopia?

Photochromic lenses
Photochromic lenses

Here are some solutions to solve myopia sunglasses.

1. Use photochromic lenses

However, the photochromic lens has a limited luminosity range, the lens is thicker and heavier when the height is several, and the color-changing effect is also poor.

2. Wear contact lenses

Wear contact lenses and then have the freedom to choose sunglasses, just like people with good vision.

3. Sunglass clips for glasses

Prescription glasses with magnetic clip on sunglasses
Prescription glasses with magnetic clip on sunglasses

Clips are clipped on myopic sunglasses, but the styles of clips are very selective and may not match the wearer’s original myopia glasses. Generally, men choose clips more.

4. Dyeing slices

Wear a pair of myopic sunglasses with tinted lenses. However, sunglasses with high myopia will be thicker, which will affect the appearance and wearing comfort.

The above methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose the method that suits you according to your own conditions.

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