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Mirrored vs. Polarized Sunglasses: Which Style Is Better?

At For Eyes, we pride ourselves on having an extensive selection of sunglasses lenses. We recognize that everyone tastes are different. It is, therefore, necessary to develop a variety of shades, shapes, and styles to help everyone find the perfect pair of glasses.
You might consider mirrored and polarized lenses, as both are great for outdoor activities. They reduce glare and glare to some extent. But choosing the right sunglasses can significantly improve your visibility when participating in different sports and high-speed activities.
If you want to choose between these two, the best to consider several factors. Include your lifestyle, tastes, and range of activities where you primarily use your sunglasses. Let’s talk about the difference between mirrored and polarized sunglasses.

What are mirrored sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses Men
Mirrored sunglasses Men

Mirrored sunglasses have lenses that reflect light like mirrors. The lenses are coated with a very thin layer of reflective paint. Since this layer of paint is very thin, it is called a semi-silver finish. The term “semi-silvered” stems from the fact that the reflective molecules on the mirror are very sparse. There is only about half the number of molecules that would make the mirror an opaque mirror. At the molecular level, the reflective molecules are uniformly dispersed on the surface of the lens, forming a uniform film. But only half of the area of the lens is covered by the film. This half of the silvered surface reflects approximately half of the light that reaches its surface while letting the other half pass directly through.
Typically, specular paint is a gradient, where the color depth of the paint changes gradually from top to bottom. This enhances the sunglass’s resistance to light from above while letting more light in from below and horizontally. It means that while you are driving, the gold mirror sunglasses block out the sun’s rays while still allowing you to see the dashboard. Sometimes the paint is a double gradient, with the top and bottom of the lens having the highest color depth, while the middle of the lens is clear.

What are the advantages of mirrored sunglasses?

Advantages of mirrored sunglasses
  • Better Light Reflection: Mirrored lenses eliminate excess light reaching your eyes. Prevents glare from causing vision discomfort.
  • Brighter Vision: Mirrored glasses have a glitter anti-reflective coating to give you a brighter vision on sunny days. They are ideal for those involved in outdoor activities to promote color recognition and reduce glare.
  • 100% UV Protection: Just wear a pair of mirrored sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB sun rays.
  • Multiple Choices: Full Specular, Half Specular, Full Gradient, Half Gradient – there are many options to choose from. You can’t go wrong creating a pair of mirrored sunglasses.
  • Hide your eyes: Instead of letting people predict where you’re looking, mirror sunglasses women allow you to pry and cover the public’s eyes.
  • Prevents Eye Strain: If you want to hide your eyes to prevent eye strain, mirror lenses filter out too much light to pass through.
  • More Color Options: With unlimited color options, you can always wear these sunglasses in a color that reflects your unique personality.

What are polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses on a sunny day
Polarized sunglasses on a sunny day

Polarized glasses provide another mechanism for eye protection. The reflected light of the asphalt road is a relatively special polarized light. What differentiates this reflected light from light coming directly from the sun or any artificial light source is the order. Polarized light is formed by waves that vibrate all in one direction, while ordinary light is formed by waves that vibrate in no direction. It’s a stark contrast between a group of people walking around in disorder and a group of soldiers marching in neat steps. Generally speaking, reflected light is an ordered light. Polarized lenses are especially effective at blocking this light because of their filtering properties. The lens only lets through polarized waves that vibrate in a certain direction, as if “combing” the light.
For road reflection problems, the use of polarized glasses can reduce the transmission of light. Because it does not allow light waves that vibrate parallel to the road to pass. The long molecules of the filter layer are directed horizontally and can absorb horizontally polarized light. In this way, most of the reflected light is eliminated, and the overall illumination of the surrounding environment is not reduced. The polarizer can face the direct sun.

What are the advantages of polarized sunglasses?

  • Comfortable Vision: Avoid harsh glare and severe surface reflections. Ensure comfortable vision and reduce glare.
  • Relaxing eyes: Polarized lenses help relieve eye headaches and relax eyes to prevent fatigue by eliminating annoying glare that affects vision.
  • Visual Clarity: Polarized sunglasses add more contrast and better visual clarity to your surroundings. So, on a sunny day, nothing gets in the way of enjoying the view.
  • Great for Water Sports: Polarized sunglasses are great for everyone who spends long hours outdoors. Ideal for those who are sensitive to glare and are involved in water sports.

So, what lenses are right for you?

Still, have trouble choosing between mirrored and polarized sunglasses? We’ll help you out.
Do you prefer speed and motor activities over water-based sports? Go for mirrored lenses. Here’s what we recommend:

Mirrored Pilot Sunglasses Alloy Gold-Tone Frame
Mirrored Pilot Sunglasses Alloy Gold-Tone Frame

The Pilot is a redesigned classic. It features an iconic aviator design combined with metallic technology for optimum visual performance. You can choose between Orange mirror lenses or Blue mirror lenses.

Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses Cutout Detailing Gold-Tone Frame
Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses Cutout Detailing Gold-Tone Frame

Wear Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses for a great look. Even if it is photographed, it is not afraid that it will not look good. And because the sunglasses cover most of the face, it can make you “pretty ten years old” at first glance.

Mirrored Rectangular Rimless Sunglasses Metal Temples Polarized Lens
Mirrored Rectangular Rimless Sunglasses Metal Temples Polarized Lens

Mirrored sunglasses reflect the surrounding scene. So even the simplest makeup looks can look gorgeous. The fashion index skyrocketed. The lenses are ultra-thin, lightweight, and beautiful.

Summary: Should you get mirrored or polarized sunglasses?

Depending on your preference, each type of lens has its advantages. Whether mirrored or polarized sunglasses are the best option, the answer seems to vary from person to person. Both glasses offer different functions.
While both types of lenses are effective at allowing you to see better in bright light, many people prefer mirrored lenses for biking, skiing, mountaineering, or motorcycle riding. Polarized glasses have the unique ability to select horizontal light and block it, which is very helpful for water activities such as fishing and boating.

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