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What are clip on sunglasses?

There is a unique product called “clip on sunglasses.” This kind of sunglasses is specially prepared for those wearing frame glasses. It is only necessary to clamp the clip on the original frame glasses. Then, myopia glasses can be transformed into sunglasses instantly so that people’s eyes can be better protected.

So, how to choose the clip on sunglasses?

Magnetic Clip-On Polarized Sunglasses
Magnetic Clip-On Polarized Sunglasses

First, whether the clip on sunglasses has a polarizing effect.

Polarized light can help us distinguish objects under reflected and intense light very well, whether fishing, skiing, or driving. In general, the clip on sunglasses polarized will have this function. Only regular brands will have polarized test cards and present them in front of consumers with patterns of fish and water. So you can try on the clip on sunglasses polarized; if you can see fish, it means that it has an excellent polarizing effect.

Second, whether it has a UV function.

When consumers buy sunglasses clips, they must confirm whether the product has a UV protection function second, whether it has a UV function. Suppose it only has the filter function and does not have the anti-ultraviolet function. In that case, it cannot block ultraviolet radiation 100% and cannot avoid damage to the eyes.

Third, check the structure of the clip on sunglasses.

If it is not a regular brand, an iron device is generally used, making the lens easy to scratch and even causing damage to the eyes. On the contrary, if we choose a big brand, its quality will also be guaranteed. When the lens is in contact with it, it will avoid the phenomenon of silicone separation.

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