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how to choose sunglasses

What sunglasses are suitable for round faces?

In the hot summer, there will be many sunglasses in the store, and it is essential to choose the sunglasses that suit you at this time. Wearing the right sunglasses can highlight your personality. So, what sunglasses are suitable for round faces? Let me tell you in detail what sunglasses are suitable for round faces. What sunglasses are suitable for other face shapes?

What sunglasses are suitable for a round face?

If you have a round face, it is recommended to choose a slightly thicker frame, a fantastic color lens, and a darker color. This lens can make the round face look smaller and modify the face shape. And too bright colors, lenses, or frames that are too slender and soft will set off a round face even more.

Which sunglasses are suitable for a round face? When consumers with round faces choose sunglasses, they should also remember that the frame’s shape should not be the same as the face shape, making a face look more rounded. However, choosing a frame that is extremely opposite to the face shape is also not possible. The abrupt contrast will make people more profound about the face shape under the frame. When choosing a sunglasses frame for a round face, choose an angular frame, and the frame should be more significant, which can make a round face look more delicate.

So, what sunglasses are suitable for other face shapes?

For example, a long and big face is characterized by a high forehead and a long chin, so when choosing sunglasses, choose a wide nose bridge and dark temples, making a face look smaller. This is because glasses with wide nose bridges and large frames will cover a lot of the lower part of the face, so people with long faces are suitable for wearing these glasses.

A broad and flat forehead characterizes the shape of the giant face with melon seeds and a pointed chin, and the lines in the lower part are relatively well-proportioned. Therefore, it is best to choose glasses with an oval frame and clear lines.

Oval Sunglasses
Oval Sunglasses

A square face is characterized by a wide forehead and an angular face. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, you should choose a round frame or an oval frame sunglasses, which can make this face look softer, and you can choose a brighter color for the frame, eliminating the stiffness.
The oval-shaped face is characterized by a face that is wider than the jawbone and moves symmetrically to both sides of the chin. Therefore, the glasses selected should be appropriate to the proportion of the face shape, which can perfectly match the large oval face.

how to choose sunglasses
how to choose sunglasses
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