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When to wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses can bring a sense of mystery. Many celebrities and designers like to wear sunglasses to enhance the mystery of what they wear. Even ordinary people like to wear sunglasses. After all, the beautiful lines of sunglasses can beautify people’s facial contours and enhance the momentum of everyone walking with the wind. However, some people are worried that although sunglasses are good, they will be considered inappropriate when worn on some occasions. So, let us take a look at when to wear sunglasses.

When to wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses can help us block the dazzling sunlight and can be matched with our daily clothes to make our appearance more gorgeous. So the question I want to talk about today is when is it more appropriate for us to wear sunglasses?

I want to explain here that there is a lot of science and technology in the design of sunglasses. Including the color of the mirror surface, the lens’s thickness, and the frame’s design, it is full of much scientific knowledge. So when to wear sunglasses? Then usually when driving, when exercising, when fishing, when skiing, you need to wear sunglasses.

What is the general situation of wearing sunglasses?

Infrared, visible, and ultraviolet rays of sunlight can cause damage to the eyes. Therefore, in addition to applying sunscreen when going out, wearing a pair of sunglasses is essential.

Under the same conditions, the younger, the more severe the retinal photodamage. Although most of the sunlight damage to the eyes is relatively light, it should not be underestimated that these damages have an additive effect, and even cataracts and retinal photodamage occur. Moreover, the more transparent the crystal, the more light can pass through, causing damage to the retina. It is also why young people are more prone to retinal photodamage.

When the sun is strong, take appropriate measures to protect the eyes. For example, wearing sunglasses can absorb ultraviolet and infrared rays and reduce the damaging sunlight to the eyes.

If you are driving in the direction of the sun and the sun cannot open your eyes, then the sunglasses should come on stage gorgeously! Wearing sunglasses at this time can protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays and help the driver better observe the situation ahead, which is helpful for safe driving. However, when the surrounding light becomes dark or cloudy, you should take off the sunglasses in time to ensure driving safety.

Sunglasses are a kind of functional glasses. The main reason for the designer to invent them, in the beginning, is to protect the sun from ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, its function of making a person handsome is just a side function.

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