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Where To Buy Reading Glasses?

What Are Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses are for people with presbyopia eyes and belong to a convex lens. We should go to a regular optical shop for optometry and glasses based on clarity and comfort when buying reading glasses.

Reading glasses are used to supplement the vision of middle-aged and older people. Like myopia glasses, there are many optical indicators stipulated by national standards, and there are also some special rules of use. Reading glasses play an indispensable role in improving people’s quality of life.

Compact Folding Reading Glasses Silver-Tone/Clear Glass

Do I Need Reading Glasses?

Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, not an eye disease, and it is not unique to the elderly. After the age of 40, with the gradual sclerosis of the lens of the human eye and the gradual paralysis of the ciliary muscle, the human eye cannot effectively adjust the eyeball shape (axial change). Only by adjusting the distance between the eye and the object, the near object must move far to see clearly; then, the eye state is called presbyopia.

If presbyopia wants to see near clearly again, it is necessary to wear reading glasses to supplement the vision. It is no exaggeration to say that reading glasses are the second pair of eyes for everyone after entering middle age. Presbyopia is related to age. For example, at age 45, presbyopia is +1.50D (i.e., 150 degrees). At age 50, presbyopia increases to +2.00D (i.e., 200 degrees) with or without glasses. Therefore, the reading glasses are ready to match, do not delay. After age growth, the original reading glasses are not enough, and they should be replaced in time. Therefore, reading glasses cannot be worn to the end. Wearing inappropriate reading glasses for a long time will bring much inconvenience to life and accelerate the process of presbyopia.

Pince-Nez Style Reading Glasses Portable Readers
Pince-Nez Style Reading Glasses Portable Readers

In general, early presbyopia mainly has two big performance: the first is close distance work or reading difficulty. For example, you need to hold the book away from you when reading or read in bright light to see. The second is visual fatigue. With the decline of regulation, reading demand gradually approached the limit of regulation. When reading, almost all the eye adjustments should be used, which will lead to ongoing use of the eye. At the same time, eye distension, headache, and other visual fatigue symptoms are easy to occur due to excessive regulation. The occurrence of the above two phenomena shows that the eyes may begin to have presbyopia. For myopic people, the need to take off the glasses or pull the reading far when reading at a close distance is also the performance of presbyopia. After presbyopia, the safest way is to wear appropriate reading glasses for correction.

Foldable Reading Glasses

Folding reading glasses adopt the concept design of the foldable frame.

  1. Strong anti-reflection property, high visible light transmittance.
  2. Strong resistance to red and ultraviolet rays, with a blocking rate of 100%.
  3. It has an anti-fatigue effect. Wearing it will not cause eye fatigue such as eye soreness, swelling, tearing, Etc. Moreover, the vision is clear, the eye feels comfortable, and it will not produce ordinary reading glasses that produce white acid swelling and other discomforts.
Anti Blue-Ray Rimless Folding Reading Glasses with Leather Box
Anti Blue-Ray Rimless Folding Reading Glasses

The weight is only 1/5 of the traditional reading glasses, the bridge of the nose is not oppressed, and it is comfortable to wear.

Both sides of the lens are treated with anti-scratching, which dramatically reduces the surface scratches and prolongs the service life of the lens while increasing the light transmittance to the greatest extent.

How To Choose Reading Glasses?

The correct selection of reading glasses is significant for those who need to wear reading glasses. Because everyone’s presbyopia degree is different, the presbyopia degree of both eyes may also be different. Some people also have vision problems such as farsightedness, myopia, and astigmatism simultaneously as presbyopia. It is not suitable to wear for a long time. The reading glasses can not solve the problem and cause eye swelling, headache, and other issues. Therefore, only go to a regular optical shop for optometry. Only reading glasses suitable for your vision condition can truly ensure eye health. It is best to tailor exclusive reading glasses according to your current situation.

Long Adjustable Front Connect Magnetic Reading Glasses
Long Adjustable Front Connect Magnetic Reading Glasses

Do I Need Reading Glasses Test?

It is recommended to go to an eye hospital for a comprehensive eye examination. After excluding some eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and fundus, ask the doctor for optometry and determine the interpupillary distance. Inform the optometrist in detail about your glasses requirements and eye habits. These directly determine whether the glasses are comfortable and precise.

How To Choose Reading Glasses Frames?

When choosing a spectacle frame, in addition to price, aesthetics, and other standards, you should also pay special attention to the size of the frame you choose and your pupillary distance as much as possible. Because this directly affects the inherent optical quality and wearing comfort of the glasses. A reasonable frame should meet the following conditions:

  1. Good elasticity;
  2. The coating is smooth and shiny;
  3. The production material is smooth, small, and uniform;
  4. All parts are tightly assembled;
  5. The size and shape of the frame and lens are the same, and the bridge of the nose is symmetrical.

How To Choose Reading Glasses Lenses?

The lens should be made of optical glass or optical resin. These materials have good uniformity, stable refractive index, high light transmittance, and can intercept ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the eyes. Glass lenses have high hardness and wear resistance. Resin lenses are lighter, but are easily scratched. When purchasing, you should pick according to your own needs and economic conditions. Do not try to buy low-quality reading glasses made of ordinary glass or even inferior plastics.

Folding Compact Reading Glasses Silver-Tone Metallic Frame
Folding Compact Reading Glasses Metallic Frame

To buy reading glasses, you must go to a formal institution. The quality of the glasses and the after-sales service are guaranteed to a certain extent. The fitting technology of the optometrist is also relatively professional.

Can I Wear Reading Glasses All The Time?

Be aware of the occasion to wear. Reading glasses are only suitable for looking at close-up objects and should not be worn when looking at distant or ordinary things. It is advisable to wear reading glasses for a long time, which will cause problems such as dizziness, blurred vision, and decreased eye accommodation.

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